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The Hire Shop baby equipment and mobility aid rentals.

Terms & Conditions.

The terms and conditions are an agreement between the customer and The Hire Shop at the time of ordering. By ordering from us, both The Hire Shop and the customer, agree to abide by them. We advise you as the customer to read the terms before ordering with with us.

All The Hire Shop equipment rented out to the customer complies with the EU health and safety standards. All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before renting to you as the customer.

All staff at The Hire Shop are familiar with all policies and procedures relating to equipment delivery and safety.

Responsibilities of The Hire Shop:

1a: The Hire Shop staff will be responsible for loading and unloading equipment if being delivered but not responsible for the assembly or fitting. However, staff may assist at their own discretion.

1b: All hire equipment complies with EU Safety Standards, is in safe working order and will be cleaned and prepared to the highest standard. Customers must check, at the time of delivery, that their hire equipment meets these standards.Should equipment not meet these standards, the customer may request a replacement item at no extra charge.

1c: Hire equipment will be checked both before and after Hire period that equipment is in tact and no components are missing. However, mistakes do occasionally happen therefore if any parts are missing through fault of the Hire Shop we will deliver to the customer free of charge. (Please ensure you complete the checklist with a member of staff before signing the agreement) parts lost or damaged by the customer will incur a charge.

1d: Hire equipment may differ in colour, make or style from photo’s advertised. However, we will assure that they will be similar and of the same standard as well as comply with EU health and safety regulations.


2a: The Hire Shop will provide a copy of the manufactures fitting instructions. Please read and follow these carefully to prevent any injury or damage. ( Please check that instructions are included before signing the Hire agreement).

2b: The customer will be responsible for the safe fitting, correct use and assembly of car seats and all other equipment rented from The Hire Shop. (Please see clause 1a).

2c: The Hire Shop do not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury incurred through incorrect use, assembly or misuse of the equipment during the period of hire.

2d: All car seats will be supplied with strap covers to protect the child from injuries incurred from straps grazing the skin during hard breaking conditions; it is the customers responsibility to use these.

2e: It is the parent/ guardian’s responsibility to ensure that children are supervised at all times when using equipment rented from The Hire Shop is being used. Although your Child’s safety is paramount to us we accept no responsibility for any injuries incurred when using our equipment.

Responsibility of the Customer:

3a: Although deposits are taken at the time of booking, you still agree to take responsibility for equipment upon receipt and until it is returned to The Hire Shop. The customer shall use the equipment only for its original purpose. The customer shall not use the equipment for any purpose other than that of its intended.

3b: Charges to the customer will be incurred for repairs or replacement items (where repairs are not possible) to the value that is appropriate and fair to the customer.

The customers also will not leave equipment unattended in public areas where it may be stolen or damaged. Items must not be left exposed to the elements for long periods or overnight. All equipment should be returned complete and in good working order.

3c: Mattresses: The Hire Shop will always provide waterproof mattress protectors. It is a requirement that mattress protectors must be used at all times. The Hire Shop reserve the right to request compensation for any damage caused to the mattress through neglecting to use the protector at all times.

3D: If you hiring equipment requiring batteries then at the time of hire we will provide fully charged batteries. Customers are responsible for changing batteries if they have diminished as a result of use during the hire period.

3e: Although all our equipment is cleaned to a high standard we do ask that items are returned to a reasonably clean standard. Highly soiled items will need a deeper clean therefore may incur a charge.

3f: The customer is responsible for all Hire equipment and under no circumstances should any item be loaned out to a third party.

3G: In the case of theft of equipment it is the customers responsibility to notify The Hire Shop and supply a crime reference number from the police. Failure to do so will incur charges for the cost of replacement items.

Non-returned, lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

4a: The customer accepts full responsibility for the care, safekeeping and maintenance of good order of the equipment during the hire period.

4b: Where items are broken due to misuse, neglect or stolen a charge will be made for the equipment based on the repair cost or replacement if repairs are not possible.

4c:In the case of Equipment which is lost, stolen or damaged beyond economic repair the Customer shall in all cases meet the cost of replacing the item.

4d: The customer shall monitor the condition of the equipment and ensure that it remains safe and serviceable. Any breakdown or any unsatisfactory working of the equipment must be immediately notified to The Hire Shop. Under no circumstance shall the customer repair, or attempt to repair the equipment, unless authorised by The Hire Shop.

Termination of hire:

5a: The Hire Shop shall at any time, if the customer is in breach of contract, to terminate the agreement (such termination to be effective immediately) and to repossess the equipment or any part thereof.

5b: We at The Hire Shop will do our upmost to give excellent service and meet our customers needs. However, in the unlikely event that we have insufficient stock or do not deliver to your area we reserve the right cancel at anytime prior to start of contract.

Delivery & Payment and cancellation terms.

6a: Payment: Full payment must be made before or at the time of hire in either the Hire Shop or through the website. This can be done either by card or cash. Receipts for payment are given on request. Factura receipts will require an NIE number.

6b: if contact or delivery details are given incorrectly by you the customer or no person is available to receive the equipment upon delivery, we reserve the right to charge €10-€20 to cover fuel and wages lost. We will deliver at a mutually agreed later date.

6b: Late or early arrivals:

Delivery/ collection of equipment can be arranged prior to your arrival/departure for a small fee on the condition that a key holder or agent is present. Payment must be made before or can be paid at the time of delivery by your chosen representative.

6c: Charging: The customer will pay the charge stated on their invoice upon delivery to cover the hire period required. In an event (except by special arrangement) whereby the customer continues to possess the equipment beyond the pre-paid hire period then the additional daily charges will continue until the equipment is returned to The Hire Shop in a serviceable condition. Any additional expense incurred by The Hire Shop in the recovery of the equipment or any fees or expenses payable shall be payable by the customer.

6d: Cancellation: We understand that due to reasons beyond the customers control that flights and travel plans may be cancelled. At this time no charge will be made although 24 hour notice period must be given on cancellations. Where an order is not cancelled, and delivery of your items is still made to your place of stay, a 30% charge must be paid. This is due to the fact that fuel costs and equipment preparation have still been incurred by the company. If you choose to cancel upon delivery the cancellation fee will also be charged.


7a: The Hire Shop will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense (including loss of profit, business or goodwill) We bear no responsibility to pay money to you the customer by way of compensation other than the amount paid by the customer.

7b: Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to reduce any statutory rights or local law as you have as a consumer.